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Redefining the Role of the PMS in Hospitality Through Innovation and Collaboration

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As more and more hotels invest in technology to meet the demands of a volatile market, a new age of digital innovation has begun. There are all kinds of tools now for automating and simplifying hotel operations. And more are being introduced everyday. The new challenge for hotels is how to build a fully integrated tech stack and avoid costly siloes of disparate systems that create more work than they’re worth.

This special report offers the answer, plus other helpful insights for making the most of your technology investments. Download your copy now!


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The hotel panic button you can start using today

Los Angeles has a new ordinance that requires hotels to provide staff with a panic button. They are required to have this in place by August 12th. This will be happening nationally and Visual Matrix can help you comply, and most importantly, protect your staff.
Our Mobile Operating Platform (widely known as MOP) has been in use by hotels for years and puts panic button technology right on your smartphone or tablet.

You can activate and start using MOP instantly. It’s just as easy to train and learn. Once MOP is downloaded on a mobile device, your staff can tap the panic button anytime to alert other staff for help.
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