How Hotel PMS Software helps front desk managers

Ask any Front Desk Manager whether they’d prefer all the paperwork, excel spreadsheets, and running around of days of old to the ease, control, and speed you get with Property Management Systems (PMS) today. There’d be no contest. The use of PMS software has been a huge game changer for hotels and an even bigger opportunity.

There are now hundreds of choices when it comes to PMS software, appealing to hotels small and large. While they all have their unique bells and whistles, broadly speaking, the benefits they offer fall along the same lines. They all work to enhance overall efficiency of your hotel, your guest satisfaction, and most importantly, your profitability.

Let’s take a look a the top six advantages of using PMS software:

6 ways PMS software has revolutionized the hospitality industry


Improved Organization and Efficiency

PMS software empowers hotel front desk staff to easily manage reservations, guest profiles, room assignments, and billing. By centralizing and automating these tasks, your staff can reduce manual errors and save time on repetitive tasks.


Enhanced Guest Experience

PMS software stores guest preferences and history, enabling front desk staff to provide personalized service and anticipate guest needs. This personalized approach can lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in return stays and positive online reviews.


Better Communication and Collaboration

PMS software promotes real-time communication and collaboration among various departments, ensuring that all staff members are well-informed about guest needs and preferences. This improved communication can lead to faster problem resolution and better overall service.


Revenue Management

PMS software can generate real-time reports on occupancy rates, average daily rates, and revenue per available room. This information enables hotel front desk staff to make informed decisions regarding pricing and promotions, leading to increased profitability. In the case of Visual Matrix, our PMS software includes an integrated Revenue Management solution option that automatically monitors and keeps your rates optimized 24/7 to maximize revenue for you.


Simplified Check-In and Check-Out Process

PMS software streamlines the check-in and check-out process, reducing wait times for guests and allowing front desk staff to focus on guest interaction and satisfaction.


Security and Compliance

PMS software ensures hotels comply with data protection regulations by providing secure storage for guest information and facilitating secure payment processing through EMV. With our mobile operating platform (MOP), Visual Matrix even provides a mobile, integrated panic button to help protect staff when they’re working alone in rooms as well as comply with local ordinances requiring hotel staff to be provided with an Emergency Safety Device (ESD).

On top of all of that, the best PMS software offers the advantage of being built in a way that enables easy integration with other tools and service providers, so you don’t have to keep updating your core PMS. You can easily add to it as your needs change.

Ready to see a PMS in action? Schedule a 15-minute demo and see how easy it can be to take your hotel operations to the next level.


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