Visual Matrix Announces the Release of VM™ Revenue Management Live!

October 6, 2020

VM™ Revenue Management Live! (Patent Pending) will protect you from a day selling out in advance before you had an opportunity to react, raise or lower rates based on your occupancy & booking window, close or open rates levels and even set a CTA when necessary. These functions will happen automatically every time a reservation is made by you, central reservations or a channel manager without the need for you to constantly monitor your rates. VM™ Revenue Management Live! can work on its own, in conjunction with Best Rev or a 3rd party revenue management system.

The enhanced features allow you go beyond the automatic functions by providing:

  • Competitor rates
  • Historical data
  • Pacing
  • Trending
  • Alerts for high occupancy
  • Competitor rate variances

VM™ Revenue Management Live is available on either VM™ Desktop or VM™ Cloud at no additional charge!

You can click below for a flyer or a demo of VM™ Revenue Management Live!

Click to View Demo – VM™ Revenue Management LIVE!

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