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The key features and capabilities of Visual Matrix help each role work smarter, faster, and better. Enter your hotel specifics and see your annual savings by role and by room!

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The circular graph shows your potential annual savings per role when utilizing Visual Matrix PMS and MOP. Hover over (or tap on mobile) any section on the graph to see dollar amounts.

Estimated Savings Breakout

Annual Per Room
Front Desk:
General Manager:
Owner/Revenue Manager:
Room Attendants:
Head Housekeeper:

* Actual savings vary by property based on the actual use of system features.

Key Savings Drivers

Front DeskGeneral Manager/OwnersRevenue Management/FinanceRoom AttendantsHead HousekeeperMaintenance
LocksRemote Access anywhereRate ComparisonAssignmentsAuto assignmentPreventative tracking/scheduling
LoginNotificationsDiscount and Premium rate automation based on occupancy (automated revenue management)Real time room statusReview status onlineWork orders on mobile with pictures and details
Making ReservationNight Audit Reports and AlertsUnlimited SeasonsFront desk/availability communications automatedAdjust assignments and status real timeRoom Status online
Check in/outMobile DashboardUnlimited Peak DatesReporting missing/broken automated with pictures as optionTrack location of teamTracking of material and labor costs
ID ScannerTraining/Ramp Up savings9 Tiers with tier rulesType of service by roomProductivy monitoring for teamEasy to communicate damage to front desk for billing
Book ResOnboarding easierBooking windows with rulesLost and found reporting to deskInternal messagingAssign work orders and status from mobile
WalkinAccess based on roles and $limitsAutomatic discount restrictions based on occupancySpecial housekeeping instructions from the reservation/folioSupply usage AnalysisReview open/closed via mobile with comments
Clean/DirtyDesignate access for supervisorsReconciling/Reviewing Compliance with RatesGuest text requests and repliesMaintence Status and Updates 
Room Ready textsReconciling/Auditing/Reporting Easy to communicate damage to front desk for billingInspection ID and Updates 
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