Visual Matrix PMS software now offers a more streamlined credit card process, offering numerous benefits

March 28, 2023

In our ongoing efforts to provide hoteliers with tools for increased efficiency and a better guest experience, we’ve recently upgraded our PMS software to enable direct entry of guests’ credit card numbers.

The upgrade frees hoteliers from an old two-step process, where they had to use a PIN pad to enter credit card numbers. The numbers would then be tokenized and flow into their PMS software. (There’s more about tokenization below.)

With our new, streamlined credit card process, we’re helping front desk staff reduce wait times and instead focus on providing excellent customer service that builds relationships with guests, which can lead to return stays.

Our new credit card process works whether or not a hotelier has an EMV connection. However, we still recommend using one of our EMV credit card processing integration partners, because it adds yet another layer of security and lessens a hotelier’s PCI scope and liability. Plus, it also helps them fight chargebacks. EMV uses chip technology instead of the magstripe on cards. 

Visual Matrix offers three payment platforms to choose from (EMV being one), and they all rely on tokenization. Tokenization is the process of encrypting credit card numbers for increased security and to fight fraud. Like a credit card number, tokens require a guest to provide personal identification and proof of the token in order to complete the transaction.

It’s a seamless process that helps increase your customer satisfaction. Your guests can be confident their payment information is secure and their transactions are accurate. 

Click here to read more about token numbers vs. credit card numbers on the VM Knowledge Base. 

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