Join us in celebrating hospitality’s unsung heroes during International Housekeeping Week in September

August 8, 2023

Founded 42 years ago, Environmental Services Week/International Housekeeping Week (its official name) is a time for us to recognize and honor the hardworking professionals who keep our hotels, office buildings, hospitals, schools, and other establishments clean and safe for us to use every day. Where would we be without them!

The annual celebration always takes place during the second full week in September. In 2023, mark your calendar for September 10-16. 

  Housekeepers are often the unsung heroes of hotels, providing essential services that can be overlooked and taken for granted yet significantly contribute to the health and comfort of your guests, not to mention your hotel staff. By keeping hotel environments clean, safe, and welcoming, housekeepers enhance quality of life for everyone and the overall experience of your hotel. 

Housekeeping professionals also contribute significantly to a business’s bottom line. In the hospitality industry, the cleanliness of rooms directly influences guest satisfaction and return business. A 2016 study found that cleanliness is one of the most important factors for guests when rating their hotel experience.

Indeed, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate housekeepers in September. According to IEHA, the official sponsor of International Housekeeping Week, thousands of facilities from Dubai to Hong Kong and Houston to Dublin celebrate the event every year. Celebrations range from a day of fun activity dedicated to recognizing staff to a whole week of activity that culminates in a large ceremony where individuals throughout an entire hotel take a minute to thank housekeepers for a job well done.

We want join you in celebrating housekeepers around the world, so we offering two easy ways to help you recognize their important contributions to the success of your hotel:  

    1. Give them MOP, the best housekeeping and maintenance platform that can make their work easier and more productive and the results they achieve even better. With MOP, no matter where your housekeepers are in your hotel, they have mobile access to real-time information about their assignments, last-minute changes, and guest requests. MOP makes sure your whole team is on the same page and working efficiently together, without running back and forth between guest rooms and the front desk. To learn more about MOP and request a quick demo, go here. It works with most PMS systems.
    2. Enter them in the Visual Matrix Shine Sweepstakes! One lucky housekeeper will win a pair of beautiful diamond earrings and one team will win iPads. For all the details and to enter, click here.
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