Rein in your hotel’s labor costs by unleashing the power of MOP

March 25, 2024

One of the easiest ways to take your hotel’s operations to the next level of efficiency is to equip your team with MOP, the powerful mobile housekeeping and maintenance app for getting more done in less time every day.

MOP streamlines and automates a hotel’s routine tasks and keeps staff connected to each other and to the real-time information they need to do their jobs more efficiently, whether it’s turning rooms, completing work orders, or fulfilling guest requests. 

By adding more efficiency and productivity to your daily operations, MOP becomes more than just an app. It becomes a strategic tool for lowering a hotel’s labor costs, with potential savings adding up to thousands of dollars every year. See what you could save with MOP by role and by room.

Features and functionality that add up to savings

As an app, MOP works on any internet-connected device used by your housekeeping and maintenance staff, including smartphones and tablets. Use it as a standalone platform or fully integrated with your PMS. Either way, MOP takes hotel automation and efficiency to the next level. 

Here’s a look at what you can do better, smarter, and faster with MOP working for you:

  • Communicate in real-time – MOP keeps your hotel’s front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance staff on the same page and connected to the real-time data they need to work more efficiently, in unison, and with less interruptions, no matter where they are on the property.
  • Always know what’s going on – With MOP, front desk staff have total visibility on what’s going on in your hotel at a moment’s notice, without ever leaving their post.
  • Click-and-go task management – Housekeeping and maintenance staff can use MOP to quickly communicate the status of rooms and work orders to the front desk, and the front desk can quickly communicate changes, all in an instant.
  • Eliminate costly paperwork – MOP replaces all the time-consuming and costly paperwork that goes into trying to organize daily housekeeping and maintenance routines. 
  • Automate recurring tasks – MOP makes it easy to manage recurring tasks that help protect your assets, like preventative maintenance, deep cleans, and special projects, so they automatically show up and get done on the days they’re scheduled. 
  • Report maintenance issues on the spot – MOP empowers housekeepers to quickly report maintenance issues they see inside rooms, so they can be fixed before it impacts a guest’s experience.
  • Optimize labor and time management – With MOP, you can make informed decisions based on detailed reporting that shows when tasks are started and finished and tracks individual and team performance.
  • Enhance guest services – MOP makes it easy and fast to communicate the needs of guests to hotel staff, so guests can be served quickly.
  • Increase staff and guest safety – MOP includes a panic button on every screen in the app. One tap by a member of your staff and MOP will automatically send an alert to managerial and security staff about the staff member’s location in the hotel for a quick response.

To truly harness the power of MOP, it’s essential to explore its full range of features and functionality.

Schedule a demo today and add cost-saving efficiency and productivity to your operations tomorrow. 

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