Enhance Your Hotel Operations with Help from the Visual Matrix MOP Knowledge Base

June 24, 2024


MOP is our popular housekeeping and maintenance tool hotels use to streamline their management processes and boost their efficiency.

Key to users’ success with MOP as well as with our PMS (property management system) is our online support resource called Knowledge Base. It’s a large and constantly growing online library where you can quickly search for information that will increase your understanding and optimize your experience with all of our technology solutions.

Check out this new video for a virtual tour around Knowledge Base and the section that’s all about MOP. The video tour will give you a better idea of how easy the library is to use, what you can find there, and why it’s so helpful for beginners and pros alike. Here’s a look at the types of user resources it offers:

    • Detailed User Guides: Step-by-step instructions for using various PMS and MOP features
    • Best Practices: Expert advice to help you implement the most effective strategies using our software
    • Troubleshooting Tips and Reminders: Solutions to common issues to keep your operations running smoothly, such as clearing cookies, using Chrome, and updating permissions. For example, if you don’t want your Room Attendants to see each other’s assignments in MOP, uncheck the View All Tasks page so they can only see their tasks for the day.
    • Short, How-To Videos and More

With the Visual Matrix Knowledge Base, hoteliers can ensure their team is always equipped with the know-how they need to use MOP and our PMS to the fullest.

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