Update on the newly announced Best Western Two-Way PMS Policy

Visual Matrix has been made aware of a policy change recently enacted by the Best Western Board of Directors that mandates all new connections to the Best Western Two-Way CRS interface must be installed using the BWH AutoClerk PMS.

We would like to emphasize that this change of Best Western policy has no affect on current or in-progress Visual Matrix customers. Visual Matrix has been a certified system for Best Western hotels since 2004, and this status has not changed as a result of this Best Western Board action.

Recognizing that there will be questions regarding the full effects of this policy on our valued Best Western clients, we have prepared the following to help clarify and answer all that we are able at this time. This page will be updated from time to time as additional information becomes available.

In the event that you have any additional questions about how this may impact you or your property, you can reach out to our team and we will be glad to speak with you about your unique situation. You can reach John Kelly, the Visual Matrix liaison for Best Western at j.kelly@visualmatrix.com or 405-740-6983. In addition to being a part of the Visual Matrix team, John is also a Best Western member and can help you assess any needs or questions for your property’s situation.

Who will be impacted by the new Best Western PMS Two-Way Installation policy?

This policy change will have an impact on new hotels that are joining the Best Western portfolio (with the exceptions listed below for soft brands and international properties), as well as existing Best Western hotels that are considering a change in their PMS providers. It does not impact current Visual Matrix customers who happen to be Best Western hotels. If your hotel is a Best Western property using Visual Matrix or currently preparing to go live, you can continue to use Visual Matrix with no interruptions to your software or your support from us.

Does this new Best Western policy apply to all Best Western brands in all locations?
No, this policy change only applies to Best Western and SureStay brand hotels in the United States and Canada. Soft brand hotels such as the World Hotels Collection, Best Western Premier Collection, and others are not affected and may use any certified PMS product they choose. Additionally, hotels in locations outside of the United States and Canada also have the freedom to use any certified PMS.
If I have a new Best Western hotel and I want to use Visual Matrix, does this new policy mean that I definitely will be mandated to use Autoclerk?

New Best Western properties or existing Best Western properties who want to switch to Visual Matrix despite the policy change can contact the Development team at Best Western and request a waiver to use their preferred PMS.

How will this policy change impact existing Visual Matrix customers?

There is no impact to existing Visual Matrix customers or customers who have signed agreements with Visual Matrix and are currently in the implementation process. Customers using Visual Matrix or preparing to go live may continue using Visual Matrix.

Is MOP impacted by this policy change at Best Western?

MOP is not affected in any way by this policy change. MOP remains available for all new and existing customers, regardless of brand or affiliation.

For follow-up questions, please reach out to:
John Kelly
Visual Matrix Liaison and Best Western Member


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