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Now you can have affordable, professional-level marketing capabilities fully integrated with your Visual Matrix PMS software that will increase your bookings, increase your revenue, and delight your guests.

Fully automated hotel marketing made simple.

Clairvoyix is the definitive hotel CRM solution because it demystifies marketing automation by bringing big data down to size. Its direct marketing technology and services make it easier for hotels of any size to create personal relationships with guests which will maximize their lifetime revenue potential. 

    • At the core is the best, most cost-effective hospitality-specific marketing database available today

    • Highly intuitive, web-accessed analytical dashboards and a “client portal” make managing your marketing campaigns a breeze

    • You get a fully integrated email marketing platform to build your hotel’s brand and get noticed by travel-hungry consumers.  

    • A solution you’ll never outgrow that also provides a team of direct marketing pros you can lean on if you need a hand

Ask Elliot Lodging how well Clairvoyix works

Elliott Lodging has been successfully managing hotel properties in southwest Missouri and southeast Kansas since 1993. They integrated Clairvoyix with their Visual Matrix PMS software and got amazing results. 
With one email campaign created and managed through Clairvoyix’s CRM solution, Elliott Lodging booked 108 rooms across three of the properties that were targeted. Nothing complicated. No excessive capital outlays. Just highly effective email marketing.

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