Five key metrics we use to continuously improve our customer support.

The Client Experience team at Visual Matrix is tasked with providing customer support and problem resolution for customers. Whether a customer reaches out to us through email, submitting a ticket, chatting with us, or by phone, we’re there to help with any issues they have and get them back to serving their guests as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

August 2023 Client Experience Numbers

Customer Happiness
Average Wait Time (Minutes)
One-Call Resolution
Avg Tickets Per Hotel
# of Tickets
Avg Tickets Per Hotel
Call Answer Times
Less than 2 minutes 83%
Less than 3 minutes 84%
Less than 5 minutes 88%

Customer Satisfaction Score (aka Customer Happiness)
We measure customer satisfaction with our products, services, and the support provided by our team. The score is based on surveys customers complete after tickets are closed. It provides insight into overall customer happiness and helps us evaluate business effectiveness.

Average Wait Time Per Ticket
This is the average time customers wait for their call to be answered. This helps us assess our speed of answer and identify areas for improvement in reducing customer wait time.

First Call Resolution
This metric is the percentage of customer issues or inquiries resolved during the initial contact with our support team. It helps us measure support team efficiency and effectiveness in promptly addressing customer concerns.

Total Number of Tickets
This is the overall count of support tickets or requests we receive via phone, chat, and web channels. It’s used to track customer inquiries, assess our team’s workload, and identify patterns or trends in customer needs.

Average Ticket Per Hotel
This metric measures the total number of support tickets compared to the number of clients and hotels. 

If you need help using our Property Management System (PMS) software or our housekeeping and maintenance app MOP, you can submit a ticket, chat with us, and find answers at

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