Visual Matrix PMS software and MOP - Frequently Asked Questions

What is hotel PMS software?
Hotel PMS software, or property management software, is an important tool for hotels and other hospitality businesses. It is a software system that helps businesses manage their front-of-house operations, such as reservations, check-ins, check-outs, room management, and billing. It also helps businesses to keep track of their back-of-house operations, such as inventory, housekeeping, maintenance, and accounting.

Hotel PMS Software is designed to streamline and automate the day-to-day operations of hotels, freeing up time and resources to focus on other aspects of the business.

Visual Matrix hotel PMS software is built by hoteliers with a platform approach, bringing you simple yet powerful integrations that provide everything you need to do more with less while improving guest satisfaction. MOP is an app that is fully integrated with our PMS software but can also but used as a standalone app to manage housekeeping and maintenance tasks, access reports, and keep your whole team safe with a built-in Panic Button (Emergency Safety Device), from wherever you are.
Types of PMS Software

There are a variety of PMS software solutions available for hotels. Here are some of the most common types of PMS software:

  • Online booking systems – Online booking systems allow customers to book rooms and other services directly from the hotel’s website. This can help to increase bookings and reduce costs associated with manual booking processes.
  • Property management systems – Property management systems provide powerful tools for managing a hotel’s operations, including room reservations, customer service, billing and invoicing, and more.
  • Revenue management systems – Revenue management systems enable hoteliers to optimize their pricing strategies and maximize their revenue. Visual Matrix PMS Software includes Revenue Management built-in to the software.
  • Customer relationship management systems – Customer relationship management systems provide powerful tools for managing customer relationships, such as customer profiles, loyalty programs, and online booking.
Why choose Visual Matrix to help run your hotel?
Visual Matrix hotel PMS software connects all of your departments for a great guest experience!   With a flexible platform to run your entire hotel more efficiently, Visual Matrix PMS software automates just what you need and nothing you don’t.   From fast reservations,  powerful group management and automatic rate adjustments to the latest, simple integrations with options that guests love.  Add our mobile operating platform, MOP and get your hotel running more efficiently so you can take better care of your guests.   Check out our simple pricing information here.
What are some features that prompted our customers to choose Visual Matrix hotel PMS software?
  • A way to set seasonal rates or rates for any date range
  • Basic revenue management with automated
    rate/discount adjustments with occupancy changes
  • Secure remote access
  • Basic housekeeping
  • Group booking tools including:
    -A fast way to block rooms for groups
    -A quick way to check groups in and out
  • A way to close channels when overbooked
    Wi-Fi authentication
  • Digital locks/keys
  • City ledger
  • An in-room folio to TV
What do customers say about Visual Matrix PMS software and MOP?

Our customers love that Visual Matrix PMS Software is easy to use and easy to learn.  Hear for yourself!

See what customers at the Choice Conference had to say about MOP!

What special offers are available?

Get 90 days free MOP!   Click here before time runs out!  

What is MOP?
Automate your hotel’s commonly executed tasks with our Mobile Operating Platform (MOP), complete with a built-in, one-tap panic button, available as an added feature.

MOP is an easy way to save time and money by keeping your busy front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance staff connected to the real-time information they need to work smarter, faster, and better without all the paperwork.

Learn more about MOP here or call for a demo today and take your hotel’s operation to a whole new level of efficiency and safety!

How much can I save using MOP?
MOP helps you automate repetitive tasks and connects all of your departments, saving many hours of labor.  Check out our savings calculator to see how much you can save!    
Do I get a Panic Button with MOP?

Yes! MOP includes panic button functionality.

With MOP and Panic Button, do I need to buy devices for my staff? How much do they cost and where can I get them?
You can use existing devices but it is recommended that you purchase small tablets or devices for your team.
There are several lower cost solutions we recommend. Some options include phones as low as $39.95 per phone. Speak to your sales representative for more information.
It is recommended that every employee on your property that may ever be asked to perform a physical task should, as a best practice, be equipped with a device during their shift. The Front Desk and office team will work off the existing terminals.
How do I get my team trained?
Training can drastically reduce your need for support. Our Knowledge Base has a full employee training plan available for your hotel to use as a training guide, available here.
Additional resources for training are located at Empower U, the Visual Matrix University, and on our customer portal.
Why would I want to move from VM Desktop to VM Cloud?

With no onsite server to maintain, reduced overhead and the ability to login from anywhere, moving to cloud just makes sense.  Lock in this year’s pricing today!  Read about additional reasons to make the move!

Are there any migration fees due if I choose to Update to VM Cloud?

Migration to VM Cloud PMS software normally costs $1190. However, if you choose to sign up for EMV with Fortis or Shift4 payment processing, your migration fees will be waived.  

What is migration and how long does it take? What is involved?
Migrating from Desktop to cloud is simply moving your hotel data from on-site computers to secure data centers in the cloud. In addition to the new features and functionality we are building into Visual Matrix Cloud PMS software, data is backed up and kept secure automatically and you can access and manage your property from anywhere.

Migration normally takes about 2-3 hours on the day it is scheduled.

If you choose this option, you will be assigned to a member of our Implementation Team to guide you through the process.

If I switch to Cloud, will I need to upgrade my computers? What are the minimum specifications needed?

Not necessarily.  The specifications for Visual Matrix Desktop and Visual Matrix Cloud hotel PMS software are very similar. You can find the full list of system requirements here.

If I switch to Cloud, will I need internal tech support or do you help me?

When you switch to the cloud PMS software, we will support you through the entire process of migration. The solution you choose will determine what type of support is continued at your property after the migration.

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