Shine Hall of Fame

2023 Winners!

The grand prize winners of the earrings and tablets are:

The diamond earrings

Teressa Pippins,
Best Western Airport Inn

"Tough times hit her life, and despite the pain, she continues to shine. Teressa walks 8.5 miles to work EVERY SINGLE DAY. She is a "go-getter." She can knock out 10 rooms (along with other chores) in about 2 hours. She doesn't play around. Teressa is truly an asset to Best Western Airport Inn."

The Fire 7 Tablets

The Housekeeping Team at Best Western Circus City Inn

"They are amazing, dedicated, and we can always rely on them! They do amazing work every day, and they still find the energy to treat our guests with the utmost warmth and hospitality. Our housekeeping team is strong and does everything they can to maintain our hotel to its highest standard.”

We also wanted to highlight all the amazing entries, you are all winners to us!

Maria Valdez

“Always sweet and patient. Always has a smile even when 3 people call in sick. Has been at our hotel for over 20 years.”

Angela Valle

“She take pride in her job duties.  Not only she inspect rooms, but is a team player and help out her team in making rooms.”

Odette Anderson 

“Odette works around the clock. She never complains and always has a smile on her face. She is AMAZING!”

Deanne Crocker

“Deanne always goes above and beyond for her team”


“She does an outstanding job day after day and still has an upbeat attitude.”


“She works super hard every day on the time. No complaints always listen to the manager. she is a super hard worker.”

Mary Huggins

“She is always happy to be at work and makes the guests feel welcome.”

Velencia Payton

“She is dependable, kind and just amazing.  She also goes above and beyond for the guests, employees and the hotel.”

Ana Montes

“Ana is a really hard worker, for almost 3 years she maintained all the hotel perfectly clean  along. She had to do her own laundry finish up cleaning rooms, and sometimes even help making breakfast for the guests. This Housekeeper is always happy to do anything she is required to do, and she always has a great attitude and a big and beautiful smile on her face.  She always makes sure that all the guests like what they see as soon as they come in to the hotel, followed by their spotless room. She has been a wonderful leader, she definitely knows exactly what to do in any situation, no matter how hard it gets.  She has truly proven that she gives her soul and body to this hotel because she lives it.  Ana Montes, thank you for being a part of this hotel, even since the remodulation itself! We all love and appreciate you!”


“she keeps her cool and supports the other house keepers  with positive feedback.”

Tina Macal

“Hard worker , Keeps Hotel clean ,  serve guest always with a smile.”

Branon Philips

He is detail oriented with very high standards.”

Maftuna Sharapova

“She’s an extremely hard worker with a very positive attitude!”

Mai-son Murray

“She strives to do her best every day. During the recent hurricane Mai-son walked through hip waist water to get to work. She totally rocks everyday.”

Maria luz

She does awesome job!”


She does an amazing job always on her rooms and works extra hard to meet our guests needs. She  always is available to help her co workers. She is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. Elizabeth has been  working at the hotel for 8 years and has been here longer than any other employee.”

Alisa  Hayes

Always give 1000 percent to her rooms and our guests.”

Silvia Paita

Her work is  great, always try to do her best and collaborate with her team . Hard worker, responsible, efficient ,loyal.”

Ashley Ward

Ashley is the most dedicated housekeeper, she does it all! Ashley makes housekeeping a very enjoyable department bring up her teams spirits when they have been on the go not days, not weeks but months of non stop groups. Ashley constantly  pulls up her sleeves and gets the room cleaned side by side with her team. There is nothing Ashley won’t do.”

Jash Desai

|He started as a housekeeper and moved into the supervisor position, taking his job with enthusiasm and dedication. Stepping up to the plate for his team when shortages and staff issues arise. He motivates the team and gets the work done even on the most difficult days, always with a smile on his face.”

Tanya Jones

Tanya helps train all of the new housekeepers and her rooms are spotless. Tanya recently got a promotion due to her work performance for the past 2 years.”

Bernice Powell

he is very hard working and is always there for everyone. She goes above and beyond to make sure the guest rooms are clean and the guest are satisfied.”

Silvia Ramos

She ROCKS because Silvia is the best motivator for our team! She cross trains all her staff and several have been promoted to the front desk for their efforts and ability to learn and excel.”

Legna Rodriguez

“Legna rocks it with her whole team! Does everything she can to make sure her team is successful, even if it means she’s there until 7pm.” 

Maria Garcia

Maria has been with us over 10 years and does exemplary work with a dedication we are extremely lucky to have her.

Anita Carrion

“|Has been employed with the hotel for over 8 years, worked her way up to head housekeeper , she is very reliable, has mentored multiple females coming out of jail and help them get back on their feet.  will do whatever is necessary and asked of her whenever she is asked. She is always in good spirt and always willing to help.  She has created a strong team at the hotel.  She is a huge asset to our company and we think she deserves to be recognized.”


“Rebecca is always available even after hours to make sure the guest Rm is done and the guest is happy.”

Percyphony Rochon

“She is prompt to guest request, and our guest praise her for her good costumer service. She is the one that guest request for.”

Phyu Sin Maung

“She is a dedicated hardworking individual and such a good team player. Her quality of work is always  above the standards and does all her assigned task in a timely manner, which makes her stand out from other team members. She is a proactive person always looking for tasks needs to be finished in order to make sure that we provide the best service for our guest. She does have a very good leadership skill and well knowledge about the duties and responsibilities. Brings a positivity to our team as wholesome with her kindness and respect towards the guest and our fellow teammates.”


“Great person and great work!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Premier Hotel at Fisher’s Landing

“They are a great team!  They all work together as a team with positive attitudes at all times.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Rama Inn & Suites

“They always go above and beyond to make sure our rooms are spotless and ready for guest arrival. They have worked many overtime hours to push through our busy summer season even when we were ubnderstaffed at times.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Prince George

“They report maintenance issues and even work to complete smaller jobs themselves.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Oceanfront

“Everyday they give it their all to help fellow staff and most importantly our guests.”

The Housekeeping Team of Sawtooth inn

“We always do our best to make the Guest happy.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Crown Colony

“We thank them for their hard work and dedication. They are the backbone of our hotel (home) and we are truly grateful for everything they do. They are always punctual and professional, and they keep everything clean and running smoothly. They help our guests by making them feel comfortable and welcome, when staying with us.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Bloomington East Hotel

“My team is the best and my scores show their hard work! I am so fortunate to have each one of them for almost 5 years now!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western

“The housekeeping staff are extraordinary women who diligently perform their duties everyday. The hotel has been sold out for at least the past two weeks. They come in each morning ready to do battle. The rooms are clean and fresh smelling. Even though there are loads and loads of laundry the chore is completed each evening. The swimming pool /hot tub area simply sparkles and begs for guests to jump right on in. The outside of the hotel is trash free and the flowers are watered daily. The hallways are impeccable and inviting. The housekeeping staff are the foundation of the hotel.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Dauphin

“It’s the best team in Canada. No wonder our hotel is ranked 6th right now amongst BW hotels.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus

“They do their job. We as a  hotel get so many compliments on how clean the rooms are, and how friendly the housekeepers are.  They come to work when asked and take as little time off as possible. I personally feel they go above and beyond.”

The Housekeeping Team of Marshall Suites, Bainbridge Island

“They are on time, fast, efficient, loyal, and honest everyday! Great team communication and support with a twist of humor.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western San Isidro Inn

“All our team has been with us for 5-10 years now and not only have they shown loyalty but love and determination in what they do.  They have demonstrated that it takes the power of team spirit and team appreciation for one another to gain the respect and reputation they uphold here in our San Isidro Inn family.  The guests and all our long time loyal customers know them by heart and always have nothing but good things to say about them and they repeatedly remind us that we have an amazing staff. They are truly a very important part of what keeps our business thriving and I am truly grateful to work alongside them everyday.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Glendale, CA

“Our property receives over 82% cleanliness scores thru Medallia consistently.  We also had our QA just recently and  were recognized for outstanding commitment to Housekeeping excellence.  We received a plaque for that recognition.  They are the pillars of this industry and we are lucky to have them.  My Management team are so proud and appreciate them so much.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Arizonian Inn

“We are excelling in our performance, and housekeeping is a crucial element of customer satisfaction.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Executive Residency

“Our housekeepers are the best team players ever!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Walkerton

“Our Housekeepers stay until the job is done. If we are sold out, they stay and help each other to make sure the hotel looks amazing. They are a team, come in with a great attitude and try their hardest everyday. We love them all!!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus of Morristown New Jersey

“Wonderful crew.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Marina State Beach

“They always stay late when we need them and go the extra mile for our customers.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best western plus

“Housekeepers are the one who keep the rooms clean and sanitized for the guests. Without the housekeeping team it is very difficult to have success.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus, Waterbury Stowe

“We have been an MK Guertin award winner for five consecutive years.  Our housekeeping staff is a massive part of the reason why.  We constantly receive comments on how friendly the staff is and how they greet every hallway guest.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus-Thornburg

“I know that every industry is lacking employees. That is no different than our staff. However, our minimal staff are committed to completing their duties to the best of their ability daily. We appreciate all their hard work and dedication.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Louisa

“We have the best housekeeping team.  Our guests consistently complement the cleanliness of our rooms.  They are hard working and dedicated to providing beautiful clean rooms for the enjoyment of our amazing guests.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western

“Our housekeeping staff is all fairly new but they learned so fast and they do such an amazing job! I don’t know what we would do without them. They really are the best; they clean well, communicate well, come in to help out on their days off when they can when needed, and in general just ROCK!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Providence-Seekonk Inn

“Our housekeepers rock because they never complain. Everyone is going to say their housekeeping team does the best job cleaning, and ours certainly does great. However, our housekeepers are always smiling. No matter how many rooms, how many members of the team are on, how disgusting someone left a room… They smile and scrub and vacuum and do their best job on every inch of our little hotel. They all deserve a raise and a paid vacation, so this prize would be wonderful for them!”

The Housekeeping Team of BestWestern Plus

“Always on time and work hard.  Always working overtime when needed.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Canon City

“Our housekeeper are just as much dedicated in completing the rooms so that we can sell them. They work tirelessly to achieve our goals and are very essential part of our success. They Rock!!!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Fernie Mountain Lodge

“We have a small team and they work very hard. The cleanliness of the rooms is very high. And I would like them to win”

The Housekeeping Team of Aviator Inn and Suits Bangor

“My housekeepers rock because they work really hard, try their best and they work as a team. They are always willing to help one another as well as teach or give helpful advice to one another if one is struggling. They are ready to answer any questions and help new employees with anything they may need help with. They have great attitudes and energetic spirits ready to take on the day and handle anything that comes their way. We really have a great housekeeping team.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus St Peter 

“Our housekeepers rock because of the general awesome job they do. Housekeeping is a tough job. It is a lot more work than people realize. Our team comes in with a smile on their faces. They assist guests they see in the halls. The rooms look fantastic when they are finished cleaning them. The Best Western Plus St Peter team takes pride in the job that they do. They are just a friendly, fantastic group of hard working people!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Oceanside Inn

“When the going gets tough, the Tough get going!  Our housekeepers are a solid team . We are located in Oceanside, California and we are constantly busy all summer long.  An 80 unit  hotel with 5 regular housekeepers that routinely take  care of all the cleaning duties and all operations demands. all of them have great attitudes towards life and work and assist each other as a team .”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Prescottonian

“No matter what’s going on or how busy it gets, our team is always right on it and is sure to get the rooms cleaned when needed.”

The Housekeeping Team of The Westfield Inn

“I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible work the housekeeping team with Yamille the housekeeping team lead do here at our hotel. Their dedication, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for our guests have not gone unnoticed. In that spirit, I’d like to nominate each and every one of the team as rock stars in the world of housekeeping. The efforts transcend the ordinary, and the impact on our guests’ experiences is immeasurable. The team’s hard work contributes significantly to our hotel’s reputation for excellence, and I am genuinely grateful for the pride the team take in their work.”


2022 Winners!

The grand prize winners of the earrings and tablets are:

The diamond earrings

Marsha Crawford, Best Western Davison Inn

"16+ straight years and worked through pandemic, district rank 71/304 hard worker!

The Fire 7 Tablets

The Housekeeping Team of Arbor Suites at the Mall

"They care and share with each other. We have a Chateau type property and the girls climb 2 flights of stairs to service and clean the Penthouses. Never complaining about the stairs and even help out each other when it gets tiresome. I myself as Property Manager have worn myself out on the stairs. I am impressed with these girls daily."

We also wanted to highlight all the amazing entries, you are all winners to us!


“No matter what the work force situation has been, she has been ready to do whatever is needed to get the rooms finished and clean all while making sure the guests are happy!”

The Housekeeping Team of Beachcomber Resort & Club

“They stuck with us through Covid and have never complained about the work. I am so grateful for their dedication.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Premier Crown Chase Inn & Suites

“The Housekeeping team at the BWP Crown Chase Inn & Suites ROCKS! They are a small team that works hard to make sure our guests have the best experience while visiting our hotel! They never complain and always ROCK a smile as they go about their day. They work as a team and never leave anyone behind! They are truly the ROCK of our hotel! We love our housekeepers and want them to know just how much we appreciate them!”

The Housekeeping Team of Duniya Hotel

“Our housekeepers work really hard to provide clean and organized rooms to our guests, even in extreme hot or cold weather. They clean their mess without any issues after their check-out. They always have a big smile on their face, even through a very busy shift. They greet and care about each and every guests. They deserve the best.”


“She goes above & beyond for our hotel/Team. She cleans rooms, makes beds, does laundry & stands in wherever we need her due to being short staffed. She is always smiling & happy to be here.  She is a GREAT asset.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus

“I have been in the industry now for 8 years, and in all my history here, the Housekeeping team is outstanding. They all work together, and are only as strong as their weakest link. They never leave anyone to struggle alone. It’s been a tough year for many places, due to staff shortages, and we are no exception. These team members did not let this bring them down. Instead, they use this as a challenge everyday, they face it head on, and always come out victorious. This team rocks and I am truly honored and blessed to have them. They truly care about the guests and the Housekeeping Supervisor and Inspector show great leadership in keeping this place a rockin and the guests happy.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus East Syracuse Inn

“Over the last two months we have completely turned over our housekeeping team from manager, housekeepers to maintenance. The current team we have in place has been working long hours and work as a family to accomplish our goal! They are the definition of a true team. Each and every one of them are superstars.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Inn & Suites of Merrillville

“Our housekeepers here do a wonderful job cleaning & have such a great rapport with our guests. They always go above & beyond & this is why I want to nominate them.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Premier

“They just really are hardworking.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus East Inn

“Our housekeepers rock because they show up to work and go above and beyond to get their work done. They always make sure their rooms are clean and the guest has a good experience when they stay at are hotel.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Inn of Los Gatos

“My Housekeeping Team is selfless and they work hard day in and day out!!! Throughout my 30+ years in hotels, this Housekeeping Team is the best!

April of 2020 during the COVID lockdown, Our  Housekeeping Manager voluntarily took time off to keep her team employed.  Our Room Attendant took the responsibility during this challenging time to ensure our level of cleanliness would be maintained without any managerial experience. Despite the challenges of operating during the COVID pandemic, we maintained our guest satisfaction scores for Cleanliness above 92%.

Last month we had our first QA inspection since 2019 and my Housekeeping Team received a certificate of recognition and awarded Best Western’s Housekeeping Excellence Award. My Housekeeping Team is small with 1 Manager, 5 Room Attendants and 1 Maintenance Houseman. They treat our hotel as their own and take much pride in their work receiving personal satisfaction in providing excellent service for our guests.

I am truly honored and blessed to have these individuals on my team. We do not take for granted our guests and the business they provide to keep us doing what we love to do!

Thank you and appreciate your consideration of honoring my Housekeeping Manager and her special team!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Concord Inn

“Since Covid hit, we lost most our staff. The housekeeping staff stepped up and worked 6 to 7 days a week to help keep the guest rooms ready for guest coming in. If we end up being short they come in. My housekeeper staff are amazing and no matter how tired they are they always have a smile and ready to be friendly and get the job done. They’re one of a kind.”


“Carmella takes special time to make sure each room is in its upmost cleanliness demeanor, and she is always helpful to guests that need special attention or items. She is friendly and courteous and always respectful.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Meridian

“They deliver superior customer care and get the job done everyday, despite what obstacles we may face. Guests recognize our housekeepers friendliness and attention to details in surveys and in person. The sound of their laughter in their end of day meeting is amazing. They are troopers through it all and deserve a reward!”

The Housekeeping Team of BEST WESTERN WESTGATE INN

“They have been with our hotel for more than 5 years and they work very efficiently and try to keep the rooms very clean and comfortable for our guests.”


“She is reliable, trustworthy and hard working. She is consistent, efficient and all rooms touched by this amazing woman are always immaculate.”


“Rodney services our Railroad contact and works independently, without supervision. His work is far beyond most in the industry.”

The Housekeeping Team of RiverTree Inn & Suites

“We are running as an independent property for Clarkston Lodging LLC. Our Housekeepers are the heart of our operation, giving our guests super clean rooms and friendly service. No operation can succeed without a dynamite housekeeping team. Hats off to ours. They rock!!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus

“They are the best!!!!”

The Housekeeping Team of best western

“All of our housekeepers are awesome. They all show up for work on time and do a great job of cleaning.”

The Housekeeping Team of Lakeside Lodge And Suites

“Our housekeeping team is the finest ever! Epic customer service, total attention to detail, amazing team work! The proof is in our reviews! Can`t say enough about our entire team.   

The Housekeeping Team of Old Town Inn

“They have been with us for over 15+ years, very committed to their work, they make sure the rooms are spotless for our guest, and they like to make sure our guest are happy and return back to us. It clearly reflects on our rating on Trip Advisor, currently #15 in popularity index from over 283 hotels in San Diego!!!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Hotel Riata

“My housekeepers are just not just a staff, they are a team. No housekeeper is left behind. They all make sure the rooms are exceptional. They love returning guests and know exactly what they need during and upon arrival.  Our Head Housekeeper  makes sure that if a guest left something behind, the guest  receives it at their next destination quickly and promptly. They always have a smile on their face, and watching them interact with guests makes it even more special.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Prescottonian

“Our housekeeping team has had a positive attitude and goes above and beyond with our guests. They always give 150% when at work.” 

The Housekeeping Team of BEST WESTERN TOMAH HOTEL

“I am so excited for the opportunity to praise our housekeeping team!
Our housekeeping team is responsible for taking care of a building’s general cleanliness to provide tidy and sanitary amenities to guests and residents. Their duties include cleaning floors, making beds and dusting surfaces throughout a home or other building. The team goes above and beyond everyday and we couldn’t appreciate them more!”

The Housekeeping Team of Sleep Inn and Suites

“Our Executive housekeeper has been with us for 9 years! She is everything a team leader should be! She leads by example, she is always the last to leave. She motivates the rest of her staff so they are efficient and productive. The rest of our staff is dedicated to our guests like no hskp staff I’ve seen. They are happy to help each other and always with a smile! They all deserve recognition for their hard work, especially now when every work place is understaffed. They put in 110% every single day!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus

“My team talks the talk and walks the walk! We are, without a doubt, one of the hardest working housekeeping teams out there and this is why:
We are currently #1 in our region out of 330 hotels. We have been either #1, #2, or #3 over the last 2.5 years. Our brand sends every guest a Medallia survey and these scores are based on this survey.
We have won the Best Western’s MK Guertin award for 5 years consecutively and just won again! This is the highest honor that a Best Western hotel can win and it’s not easy! Only the top performers win this one! We’ve won it 5 years in a row and that’s because we care about what our guests experience when staying. Every member of the team takes great pride in their work, and it shows.
The proof in is the cleaning! We focus every day, during our morning meeting, on trends and what we need to accomplish. Each staff member knows their input is important. The team strives each day to improve and go above and beyond to drive happy customers.
It’s a joy to work with people who all dream big!  My team members are the biggest dreamers and I hope to give them a little dream through this honor. Hope we win and thank you for helping us make it special!

The Housekeeping Team of Berkeley Springs Inn, Sure Stay Plus by Best Western

“We have the best housekeepers and most efficient team I have ever worked with. They always give 110% to make sure the rooms are perfect and guests are happy in their stay. I am proud to work with them. They are the hardest working ladies I have ever had the honor to work with. They each deserve to win.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Parkway Inn

“Where to begin? They work so hard to ensure each guest has safe and clean accommodations. They go the extra mile by making towel art, greeting guests and offering assistance at all opportunities. Our team is a family and treats each other with respect each day. I want to show my appreciation during this upcoming week and remind them that we support them and are so thankful. Without our cleaning crew we do not have rooms to sell and therefore our job doesn’t exist without their hard work.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Dunmar Inn

“Our property consists of 166 rooms, there are only 7 housekeepers working at this time. It has been a very busy summer with travelers and horse racing season which is over, (phew). My girls worked through the busy days doing at times 20 plus rooms and never complained, they get it going and get it done. We consider all of us as family and always help each other out. “


“Always Has a Smile. Brings her “A Game” Every time.”

The Housekeeping Team of Kokopelli lodge

“The team works hard to provide clean and fresh rooms for our guests.”


“Veronica gets compliments from our guests at least a few times a week. She’s been said to “be the glue that holds the department together”.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western, The Hotel Chequamegon

“Our housekeepers work their hardest, even when short staffed, handling dozens of rooms daily, and still keeping up with special requests like hypoallergenic cleanings and room setup. Our lead housekeeper is well respected by all at our facility.”


“Tracy has worked with us for 8 years and she has incredible passion for cleaning rooms and laundry. She is high energy every day and has worked with us through 3 pregnancies. She has helped train, helped run shifts, embraced upgrades (ie MOP!) and even referred her daughter to work with us. We absolutely would not be as successful as we are without her.”


“Brittany takes her job so seriously. She is passionate about taking care of guests needs and makes sure everything is just perfect in each and every room. She follows instructions to a T and takes initiative. She is excellant at communication and has helped train some of our new folks. She has been with our hotel for 3 years and worked through a pregnancy and has an adorable baby girl. She even met her husband who worked with us at the time (and now works at another company hotel).  A hotel love story!”

The Housekeeping Team of Comfort Inn St Robert/Fort Leonard Wood

“I just can’t say enough good things about our housekeeping team!  The Team worked through COVID and helped us navigate the post COVID world. They have lovingly taken care of our guests and made sure rooms were clean and sanitized. They start each day with a smile and manage to leave with a smile and laugh even at the end of a rough day. They take each day in stride. They work together and always take care of each other and our guests without fail. Our hotel is nearly 24 years old and we get asked at least once a day how old we are and they cannot believe we aren’t a brand new hotel. All of this is 100% because of the care and attention to detail our team takes. And most importantly they embrace any changes, updates, and new additions we try (like MOP!) with a positive, can-do attitude. I absolutely could not run a successful hotel without each of them!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Premier

“They have had a rough couple months and being short staffed they have all chugged along with us and kept up.”

The Housekeeping Team of SureStay

“They all rock!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Premier Route 97 Vernon

“Our housekeepers rock! because they care about the guests, their co workers and keep the brand new property sparkling clean.
They have great attitude towards the job and completely understand their contribution in keeping the hotel nice and clean.
I truly appreciate them even though after a hard day’s work they still manage to smile and have a great sense of humor.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus Travel Hotel Toronto Airport

“They are all hard working and keep our property neat and clean. Our guests feel home away from home just because of our dedicated house keeping staff’s congratulation!”


“Very hard working always on time and very reliable”

The Housekeeping Team of Best western plus

“Our housekeepers are amazing they overcome anything in any obstacle they stick together work hard get through attitudes and everything and get the rooms done get their job done and go home they even come in when they shouldn’t have to they coming off days to help the rooms”

The Housekeeping Team of SureStay by Best Western

“They work as a team to keep our 122 room hotel clean and in pristine condition even when we work as such a small staff in such a large building.”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus

“My housekeepers have turned a rather run down, no  direction ship and made this a hotel people want to come back to. They work so hard every day and love being here. They have worked through, being short staffed, new management, and always have a smile on their face, and ready to help anywhere they can. We are so proud and blessed to have this team of women at our property. They make my job less stressful and it is a joy to come here and see the amazing way we treat each other, guests, and this hotel as if it was our home. I couldn’t do this without them, they truly rock!”

The Housekeeping Team of Best Western Plus

“Our Housekeeping staff work exceptionally hard, we have been understaffed and they worked relentless hours to help keep the hotel going and guests happy!”

The Housekeeping Team of POSTOAK Lodge and Retreat

“OMG!!!! I don’t know where to start. My housekeeping team is so amazing. When Covid hit we had to make many different changes. From the way to took care of our guests to the way we took care of each other. We went from 5 housekeepers and 1 laundry person to 3 housekeepers and no laundry attendant. During this hard time of trying to find workers my team really stepped up. Covering each others shifts when someone needed off for a family event. They all learned how to do laundry. Staying late to make sure someone else didn’t have to work so hard the next day. They are the true meaning of a team. Coming together working for the best of our guests and each other. Through all the craziness and uncertainty Covid left us, our sales have skyrocketed to what we did before Covid and my team has pulled it off with 1/2 the help. They are truly the best team!!!”

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