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Discover the power of the Visual Matrix and Sojern partnership – delivering unmatched traveler insights, AI-powered marketing, and a seamless guest experience to maximize your hotel’s profitability.

Why Sojern?

Sojern provides hoteliers with powerful multichannel marketing solutions, leveraging advanced AI technology to optimize performance and enhance travel marketing results. Check out a preview of Sojern’s Comprehensive Solutions for Hotels below:

Sojern’s advertising solutions offer substantial benefits for hotels aiming to enhance their marketing efforts and drive growth:

    • Pay on the Stay: Only pay a commission after the guest has completed their stay, reducing risk and ensuring cost-effectiveness.
    • Managed Campaign: Benefit from a fully managed service that includes real-time market insights, on-demand campaign tools, and creative services.

Leveraging Sojern’s Travel Advertising Solutions, hotels can achieve remarkable results:

    • Increase Direct Bookings: Engage travelers at the perfect moment and inspire direct bookings to improve your margins.
    • Maximize Spend and Margins: Utilize intelligent technology and expert travel marketers to enhance ROI and profitability.
    • Grow New and Existing Customers: Boost brand awareness and foster loyalty with personalized engagement strategies.

Sojern’s Guest Experience Solutions seamlessly integrate with Visual Matrix delivering transformative benefits for hotels. This integration equips hoteliers with a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance guest experiences and operational efficiency.

  • AI Smart Concierge: Automate responses to routine inquiries, allowing staff to focus on high-value service, increasing guest satisfaction and revenue.
  • Reputation Manager: Proactively gather feedback to improve online reviews, enhance NPS scores, and maintain or increase ADR.
  • Guest Marketing Suite: Use personalized promotions via email, text, and WhatsApp to engage guests and build loyalty, supported by data-driven insights and analytics.

Hear More about Our Innovative Partnership with Sojern!

Watch our interview with Baskar Manivannan, Co-Founder & Former CEO of Venuelytics (aquired by Sojern), discussing the innovative partnership between Visual Matrix and Sojern. He highlights how combining Visual Matrix’s powerful PMS with Sojern’s AI-driven marketing platform enhances guest experiences, drives direct bookings, and boosts profitability for hotels. Baskar emphasizes the seamless integration of technology and expertise, offering hoteliers a comprehensive solution to stay ahead in the competitive hospitality industry. 

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