Hospitality Women’s Innovation Council Survey Results


Just 19 percent of survey respondents said the current hotel tech stack is serving hoteliers and guests “very well,” particularly concerning operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.


87% of survey respondents have a hospitality tenure of more than five years

  • Less than one year: 5%
  • One to five years: 8%
  • More than five years: 87%

Roles of survey respondents

  • Property Owners/Franchisees: 27%
  • Property Managers/Operators: 21%
  • Marketing/Sales: 13%
  • General Manager: 14%
  • Revenue Manager: 4%
  • Technology/Technology Support: 7%
  • Vendor/Consultant: 13%
  • Educator: 1%
# of Tickets
Avg Tickets Per Hotel
Avg Tickets Per Hotel

Survey respondents found the following technology solutions to be the most valuable when managing daily operations:

Operations and Housekeeping Technology:
Customer Engagement Tools:
Revenue Management Systems:

The vast majority of leaders (92%) throughout the hospitality industry indicate the process of adding new tech integrations must be improved, and collaboration must be fostered


Of those 92%, 11% describe today’s integration process as a “nightmare”


More than 90 percent of respondents indicated that integrations being made more accessible and seamless is of the highest importance. Just 4% said changes to integrations would not impact their purchase decisions.

NONE of our respondents said integrations had no value.

0 %

The number of survey respondents who indicated that challenges with integrations serve as a significant barrier to investing in new technology, and if they were lowered they would at least consider investing in new technology

0 %

Only 8 percent of respondents were open to scrapping hospitality’s entire tech stack and starting over.

0 %

The majority of survey respondents said hospitality must change how we think about and implement technology across the industry.

0 %

Nearly half of all respondents agreed it was important to not only change how hoteliers use technology across their properties, but also that the industry must work harder to innovate more quickly.

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