Visual Matrix is making big strides in customer support and satisfaction

March 7, 2023

Last year was an exciting year of change and growth for us and our hoteliers. One important area that we focused our efforts on was improving customer support for both our PMS hotel software and MOP housekeeping app.

We made changes to leadership with the addition of Suchi Reddy as CIO and Lauren Crocket as Director of Client Experience. We also added new capabilities, like an online chat feature for instant support for our hotel owners and front desk customers.

We’re excited to report all of our efforts are seeing results. Below is a look at the improvements we achieved through January 2023. Our goal is to continue getting better and to keep raising the bar on the level and quality of support we provide. Our hotel community deserves nothing less.

Customer Support Report Card 2023:

    • Call Speed to Answer was reduced to 3.05 minutes.
    • Customer Satisfaction Rating has increased to +85%.
    • Introduced Quality Assurance which improved quality of support by 25%
    • Introduced Chat Feature for quicker access to support, resolving 95% of chat tickets in one session.
    • Increased Client Experience support agents by 30%.
    • Increased One-Call resolution by +35%.
    • Enhanced data analytics by categorizing tickets for an in-depth review of trends, resulting in proactive measures.
    • Improved communication on Outages via phone and email messages.
    To learn about our Customer Support Structure and when to call, email, or submit a ticket, go here

For additional customer support resources:

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