Visual Matrix celebrates International Women’s Day today and every day

March 8, 2023

Celebrate National Women’s Month with Appreciation and Support.

National Women’s Month is a time to celebrate and recognize all the amazing women in the world who have made a positive impact in their respective fields. This celebration is especially important in the hospitality and hotel industry, which traditionally employs and empowers many women. At this time, it is important to honor and show appreciation for all women in the hospitality and hotel industry, for their hard work, dedication, and commitment.

One such example is Visual Matrix, a hotel technology company that has been heavily influenced by female leadership. The company is also led by female CEO Georgine Muntz. Visual Matrix has revolutionized the hotel industry with its cutting-edge technology solutions, which provide hotels with an extensive Property Management System (PMS) and Mobile Operating Platform (MOP) that provides you with all you need to successfully run and manage a hotel. Visual Matrix is just one example of a female-led company that has had a major impact on the hospitality and hotel industry. There are countless other examples of women who have made a difference in the industry, from hotel owners to hotel executives to hotel engineers and more.

As you can see, women have been instrumental in the industry, from front desk clerks and housekeepers to executive chefs, general managers, and Technology CEOs all making a lasting contribution to the success of hotels and resorts.

It is also important to recognize the challenges that women in the hospitality and hotel industry face, including unequal pay, discrimination, sexual harassment, and a lack of advancement opportunities. National Women’s Month is an opportunity to create awareness of these issues and to work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive environment. 

We are celebrating women today and every day! 

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