Visual Matrix PMS software helps you reach and market to your existing customer base

April 13, 2023

Marketing to your existing customer base is easier with Property Management System (PMS) software like Visual Matrix. With our PMS, you get tools for accessing all kinds of valuable sales and marketing data in your PMS software that you can use to generate mailing lists and reach existing customers either by direct mail or email.

Hotels using Visual Matrix PMS software can create and export targeted mailing lists for guests, companies, travel agents, and city ledger accounts. Lists are generated based on several factors to ensure you’re reaching the right customers for your marketing messages and offers.

Once you’ve created a mailing list, you can then export the information in three different formats: Comma Delimited (Peach Tree), Tab Delimited, or IIF (QuickBooks). The final step is to use the exported list to create mailing labels or for blasting emails.

5 Ways Hotels Benefit from Exporting Sales and Marketing Reports from Visual Matrix:

    1. More accurate and timely data. Access detailed and up-to-date information about your sales and marketing efforts that enable you to make better decisions that can improve results.
    2. Increased efficiency. Quickly review and analyze all your sales and marketing data in one place. This helps save time and resources as well as ensure you’re making informed decisions in a timely manner that can impact results.
    3. Improved decision-making. Get insights into your performance, allowing you to make more informed decisions about your sales and marketing strategies.
    4. Better targeting. Target potential customers better and maximize your marketing efforts. This helps to ensure your marketing budget is being used wisely and effectively.
    5. Increased ROI. Increase your return on investment (ROI) by making better decisions about your sales and marketing efforts.

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