9 Easy Housekeeping and Maintenance Tasks Every Hotel Should Be Doing

August 24, 2023

Sometimes small changes to your hotel’s housekeeping and maintenance routines can have a big impact on your guest experience. They can also save you money and hassle in the long run.

In honor of International Housekeepers Week, we’ve pulled together a short list of things you can add to your daily routines that are easy wins for your staff and for your guests. Be sure to read to the end for the best way to help ensure your staff never misses a step!

Ok, here’s our list of 9 easy housekeeping and maintenance tasks every hotel should be doing:

1) Use a highly rated floor cleaner to help keep your tile floors looking like new.

2) During the daily cleaning process, carpets should be inspected for stains and issues reported quickly.

3) For deep stains, use a product like AWESOME. Placing a damp cloth over the stain and pressing on it with an old, hot iron can help lift out the stain.

4) AC vents should be pulled out and cleaned to prevent dirt build-up on coils. Checking and cleaning coils should also be added to your preventative maintenance schedule.

5) Any problems with showerheads and waterspouts should be reported, including any issues with the shower diverter.

6) Toilets should be checked for how well they flush, refill, and if the seat is loose.

7) Sinks should be checked as well, testing the stopper to ensure it works to stop and drain water. Any issues should be reported immediately.

8) Create a regular maintenance schedule to remove the tub drain plug and clear hair to prevent clogging.

9) Also create a preventative maintenance schedule to pull the exhaust fan cover and dust off the fan motor to help prevent a fire hazard.

These small touches can mean the difference between a good guest review and a bad one. To make sure your team is always on the same page about what needs to be done and when, give them a mobile app, like MOP.

With a mobile app, your housekeeping and maintenance teams always have real-time information at their fingertips to complete tasks and serve guests more efficiently. They can also see what needs to be done in every room and check off tasks as they go. Plus, the best apps have a built-in panic button on every screen for increased safety at your hotel, like MOP does.

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