Top 3 Reasons to Add a Housekeeping Mobile App to Your Hotel

August 24, 2023

Busy hotel housekeepers need the right tools to deliver on your hotel’s brand promise, because what they do day in and day out directly impacts your guest experience.

The right tools can help housekeepers do their jobs better and make it easier to complete assignments, so they can get more done in less time. That’s where tools like MOP, the industry-leading housekeeping and maintenance mobile app, prove to be invaluable for a hotel’s operation.

Once housekeepers experience the difference a mobile app can make in their lives, they never want to go back to the way things used to be, with all the wasteful paperwork and keeping up with changes. Here are the top three reasons why:

#1 – Housekeeping apps streamline daily workflow.

A housekeeping app, such as MOP, can significantly streamline the workflow for your housekeeping, maintenance, and front desk staff. Instead of manually checking room statuses or receiving instructions on paper, housekeepers can get real-time updates directly on their mobile devices. They can see which rooms to clean, in which order, and receive special instructions or guest requests directly. No need to waste time, running down to the front desk. An app provides housekeepers with immediate and clear communication that eliminates confusion and improves efficiency.

#2 – Housekeeping apps empower staff with information.

Housekeeping apps can empower housekeepers by providing all the necessary information for doing their job at their fingertips. They can

make informed decisions about how to prioritize their work and respond promptly and independently to guest requests. Moreover, housekeepers can update room statuses in real-time, thereby actively participating in hotel operations and decision-making. They can feel good about the contributions they’re making to the success of the hotel.

#3 – Housekeeping apps can enhance job satisfaction.

Using a housekeeping app can contribute to greater job satisfaction. A well-structured, efficient, and transparent system can reduce workplace stress and confusion. It also fosters a sense of fairness, because assignments can be tracked and managed transparently, preventing overwork or favoritism. Plus, real-time feedback and recognition of work can give housekeepers a sense of achievement and satisfaction, increasing the likelihood that they’ll stay.

The bottom line is mobile apps can transform the work of housekeepers in the best possible way for your hotel and your guest experience. To learn more and get a quick demo of MOP, click here.  MOP can be integrated with all the major property management systems, including Visual Matrix.

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