Top 9 Business Areas Hotels Should Focus on to Increase Their Success in 2024

September 29, 2023

As market conditions continue to change in the hospitality industry, hoteliers going forward should prioritize several key areas of their business to effectively leverage the capabilities of their property management system (PMS) and increase their revenue.

Here’s a look at each area of focus, why each one is critical to your success, and how robust a Property Management S software is the key to maximizing the opportunities at hand.

So let’s get started. To increase your success next year (and beyond), you should focus on:

1) Enhancing the guest experience

The guest experience remains paramount in the hospitality industry. Hoteliers should leverage Property Management System technology to provide a seamless and personalized guest journey. This includes using guest data to anticipate preferences, enabling mobile check-in and check-out, giving your guests the ability to communicate with you through text messaging, and offering other contactless services. The goal is to create memorable experiences that lead to positive reviews, repeat bookings, and referrals, ultimately boosting your revenue.

2) Data analytics and business intelligence

Data-driven decision-making will continue to be essential in 2024. Hoteliers should invest in advanced analytics and business intelligence tools integrated with their hotel PMS. By analyzing guest behavior, market trends, and operational data, you can refine your pricing strategies, optimize inventory management, and identify revenue growth opportunities. Real-time reporting and predictive analytics will be particularly valuable for staying competitive.

3) Dynamic pricing and revenue management

Dynamic pricing will remain a critical focus. A PMS that integrates revenue management technology enables hoteliers to adjust room rates based on real-time demand, competitor pricing, and other factors. In 2024, you should also further refine your revenue management strategies, utilizing AI and machine learning algorithms to make instant pricing decisions that maximize revenue. Continuous monitoring and adaptation will be crucial in a dynamic market.

4) Distribution channel management

Effective distribution channel management is vital to reaching a wider audience and minimizing overbooking or underutilized inventory. You should keep optimizing your distribution strategies, ensuring a seamless integration with online travel agencies (OTAs), global distribution systems (GDS), and direct booking engines. Monitoring your channel performance and adjusting commission structures will also be essential to maximize your revenue.

5) Direct booking strategies

While OTAs play a significant role in distribution, hoteliers should focus on driving direct bookings through their websites. A hotel PMS used to support direct booking initiatives can offer special promotions and a user-friendly online booking experience. Encouraging your guests to book directly can help reduce commission fees and increase your profitability.

6) Upselling and ancillary revenue

Hoteliers should continue to explore opportunities for upselling and generating ancillary revenue. Using the capabilities of PMS software can facilitate targeted upselling efforts, such as room upgrades, dining packages, spa services, and more. Effective upselling not only increases your revenue, it also enhances your overall guest experience.

7) Operational efficiency

Streamlining operations should remain a priority. You should look for ways to automate routine tasks, optimize staffing levels, and reduce operational costs. A Property Management System can assist in inventory management, housekeeping coordination, and maintenance scheduling, allowing resources to be allocated more efficiently.

8) Sustainability initiatives

Sustainability and eco-friendly practices are increasingly important to guests. Hoteliers should consider integrating sustainability measures to the technology of their hotel’s PMS, such as energy-efficient room controls, waste reduction programs, and eco-friendly amenities. These initiatives can attract environmentally conscious travelers and potentially increase revenue.

9) Cybersecurity and data privacy

With increasing reliance on technology, cybersecurity and data privacy are critical concerns. Hoteliers must prioritize the security of guest data and payment information. Regular security assessments and compliance with data protection regulations are essential to maintain guest trust and protect revenue. With the right Property Management System, you can upgrade to EMV credit card processing. EMV chip card transactions provide an extra layer of security against fraud compared to traditional magnetic stripe card transactions. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading to EMV credit card processing here.

By staying agile and effectively leveraging the features of a solution-rich Property Management System like Visual Matrix, you can quickly adapt to changing market conditions in 2024 and maximize revenue opportunities in the competitive hospitality industry.

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