Scan your way to more efficiency, security, and growth with ID Scanners

February 22, 2024

Scanning a hotel guest’s driver’s license, passport, or other identification documents at the front desk check-in offers more than convenience.

ID scanners for hotels read the magnetic stripe or bar code found on government-issued IDs and automatically populate the data in your Property Management System (PMS) software. 

In general, there are two types of ID scanners. The handheld type is like what you use to scan the price of a large item at a store checkout. The countertop type is stationary, and you bring the ID to it. The work done by ID scanners and the information they gather is the same. So are the many benefits they offer. Let’s take a look at the big ones. 

Enhanced Security

Hotels in countries outside the U.S. have required guests to show IDs for some time now. It wasn’t until 9/11 that ID checks and ID scanners started to come into their own in the States. Verifying a guest’s identity provides security for your guests and staff. It also acts as a deterrent against fraud and other criminal activity.

Faster Check-in

An ID scanner helps you impress guests by streamlining your check-in process. Data is automatically populated inside your PMS, eliminating the need to input the data manually and the mistakes that can happen. As a result, your front desk staff has more time to focus on your guests instead of a computer screen.

Keeps You Compliant

If your hotel is subject to laws and regulations requiring you to verify guests’ identities, an ID scanner can help you comply and avoid costly legal issues.

Nurtures Repeat Business

With an ID scanner, you can use the accurate data you’re gathering about your guests to create a database that can be used for marketing campaigns for return visits and reward programs. 

Ready to add an ID scanner to your operations?

Schedule a quick demo today. We now offer a tremendous partnership with Shadow Custom ID Scanners, an ID Scanner-selling software system that integrates with our PMS software.

Learn more about the Visual Matrix and Shadow Custom ID Scanner partnership.

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