Navigating Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance: Ensuring Fair Treatment and Compliance

February 21, 2024

In a pivotal move towards safeguarding the rights and well-being of hotel workers, the Los Angeles City Council passed a groundbreaking law on June 28, 2022. This law, known as the Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance, mandates that Los Angeles hotels must prioritize the safety and fair compensation of their employees. The ordinance aims to achieve this by imposing a series of comprehensive requirements, including a higher minimum wage, personal security devices for workers, around-the-clock security requirements, and limits on the square footage workers may clean in a workday. 

While currently specific to Los Angeles, similar measures are being considered or enacted in other cities across Southern California. For instance, Anaheim is slated to implement its Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance in 2024. These developments underscore a growing recognition of the need to prioritize worker rights and safety in the hospitality industry. 

One of the key provisions of the ordinance is the establishment of workload limits for hotel workers. Specifically, for hotels with 40 or more rooms, each worker is restricted to cleaning 3,500 square feet of floor space in a day. Should a worker exceed these thresholds, the employer must pay double pay for every hour worked during the workday. Additionally, the ordinance prohibits hotel workers from working over 10 hours a day unless they provide written consent. 

To comply with the ordinance, Los Angeles hotels must take proactive steps to ensure adherence to its requirements. Legal experts have outlined a set of actionable measures to facilitate compliance. These include carefully reviewing the provisions of the ordinance, updating policies and procedures, accordingly, providing comprehensive training to staff, and implementing robust monitoring and reporting mechanisms. 

Moreover, beyond its immediate impact on Los Angeles hotels, the Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance serves as a harbinger of potential regulatory changes in other jurisdictions. Hoteliers nationwide should note these developments and proactively prepare for similar measures enacted in their respective states. Prioritizing worker safety, fair treatment, and compliance with labor regulations not only aligns with ethical responsibilities but also fosters a positive work environment and enhances guest satisfaction. 

In the context of compliance with workload limits, technology can play a crucial role. Visual Matrix, a provider of hotel management solutions, offers a measure of productivity and safety through its MOP feature. MOP can precisely measure the total square footage worked by hotel staff and provide them with a panic button for safety measures. By leveraging these features, hotels can effectively monitor and manage workload limits and keep them safe, ensuring compliance with the ordinance while optimizing operational efficiency.  

In conclusion, LA’s Hotel Worker Protection Ordinance represents a significant step toward promoting fair treatment and safety for hotel workers. While currently localized to Los Angeles, similar regulations may soon emerge in other jurisdictions. By proactively addressing compliance requirements and prioritizing worker well-being, hotels can uphold their ethical obligations and contribute to a more equitable hospitality industry. 

Read our resources below for an overview of our MOP features mentioned in this article:

Square Foot Unit Measure 

Panic Button  

About Visual Matrix: 

More than 3,000 properties in 30+ countries worldwide choose the Visual Matrix hospitality operating system to optimize hotel operations and serve guests from reservation to return stay. Our system includes a game-changing PMS and an independent mobile operating platform (MOP) for use with Visual Matrix and most other PMS systems. Our PMS offers powerful features and key integrations that are easy to use, like revenue management with automated rate/discount tiering, a fully integrated channel manager, and a mobile app for tracking performance on the go. MOP automates routine tasks and streamlines communication to keep the front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance staff focused on guests. It also includes a built-in panic button as an Emergency Safety Device to help keep hotel staff from harm. For more information, visit


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