New onscreen guidance tool makes our cloud PMS software even faster to learn and use

January 31, 2024

Hotel efficiency relies in part on how easy it is to navigate your property management system (PMS) software. The quicker hotel staff can learn and use your PMS, the quicker you can serve guests during their stay and make a good impression. Our new onscreen guidance companion, Porter, will help you do that. But first, let’s dive into what an Onscreen Guidance tool is.

What is an Onscreen Guidance Tool?

An onscreen guidance tool is a software system feature that provides users with real-time assistance. Specifically for hotels using a Property Management System (PMS), this tool helps streamline operations by reducing the learning curve for staff, increasing efficiency, and minimizing errors. By improving PMS usage, hotels can enhance staff productivity and deliver a smoother guest experience.

Now that we’ve explored the concept of onscreen guidance tools and their significance in hotel operations, let’s delve into how Porter, our innovative onscreen guidance companion, can revolutionize how hotels navigate their Property Management System (PMS) software. Let’s discover how Porter can empower your hotel to achieve new levels of efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Productivity increases.

Porter enhances productivity by providing on-the-spot assistance within our PMS software. By guiding users through specific actions in real-time, Porter reduces the learning curve and decreases reliance on customer support. This enables hotel staff to accomplish more tasks efficiently, saving time and resources.

Training faster.

New staff members can quickly become proficient in using our software with Porter’s intuitive onscreen visual cues and instructions. By offering guidance tailored to individual learning styles and paces, Porter empowers new hires to learn and adapt on the job with minimal formal training or frustration.

Error preventions.

Porter serves as a proactive tool in error prevention by guiding staff through critical processes and workflows. It highlights potential pitfalls, alerts against incorrect actions, and provides immediate feedback to prevent mistakes. With Porter’s assistance, hotels can minimize errors, ensure accuracy, and maintain reliability in their operations.

Staying Up to Date with Visual Matrix.

Last but not least, Porter, along with helping users with software usage, Porter also keeps customers updated on all things happening with Visual Matrix. From upcoming webinars to product updates, special offers, and event announcements, Porter ensures that users stay informed about the latest developments and opportunities for growth within the Visual Matrix ecosystem.

These are just a couple of reasons why an onscreen guidance tool like Porter can help enhance a hotel’s guest experience.

Let’s take a look at Porter in action!

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