Empower Your Team with This Guide to Visual Matrix Support Resources

January 12, 2024

Getting and staying ahead in the dynamic world of hospitality management requires more than just cutting-edge technology, like Visual Matrix. You need a deep understanding of your tools and resources to make the most of the technology, your team, and your guest experience.

Here at Visual Matrix, we not only offer top-tier property management and operations solutions. We provide an extensive support ecosystem that continues to grow to meet the changing needs of hotels. Let’s dive into the key components of our support system and how to empower your team for success. 

But first, if you are not already member of our customer support portal. Create an account with us by following this link.

Think of our Support Portal as your go-to hub for all things Visual Matrix. From how-to guides to short explainer videos and the latest news, our online portal is your gateway to finding answers and overcoming challenges. Need direct assistance? It’s also the place to ask for help.

Explore our Support Portal

Here are some of the things you can do from our Support Portal:

Knowledge Base is a wealth of articles tailored for Cloud PMS, Desktop PMS, MOP, and VM University users.

Explore the Knowledge Base

Learn how to search like a pro

Learn how to access it directly from the cloud

Explore our MOP 2.0 Knowledge Base in Spanish NEW!

The Visual Matrix Community is a collaborative space to ask questions, share ideas, and engage in discussions with fellow users. Whether you’re a new user looking to say hello or seeking insights from the VM Community Forum, this platform ensures you’re never alone on your journey.

Explore our VM community

Learn how to post a message in the VM Community

Learn to use and navigate the VM Community

EmpowerU is your ticket to getting new hotel staff up and running fast. It’s a comprehensive training program for learning how to use the Visual Matrix PMS and our housekeeping app MOP, complete with courses, FAQs, and important shortcuts. EmpowerU is tailored for various departments, and you can explore individual tasks, front desk processes, housekeeping essentials, and even insights for new hotel owners, as well as navigate step-by-step to earn certifications to elevate your team’s skillset.

Learn more and sign up

When you need help from our Support Team, submit a ticket for a quick resolution. From the Support Portal, you can also see your previous Support Tickets, learn the status of current tickets, and expedite solutions.

Learn how to get help faster using Support Tickets

Porter is your on-screen assistant, designed to make navigating Visual Matrix smoother and more intuitive. With Porter, you have real-time guidance at your fingertips, providing assistance right when you need it. Whether you’re a new user or looking to optimize your workflow, Porter is here to help you unlock the full potential of Visual Matrix. 

Learn more about how Porter can enhance your experience

For immediate attention to a situation that has brought your hotel operations to a halt, call +1 214-291-4000 to contact our Support Team. Use our Support Ticket system for all other issues or email support@visualmatrix.com for the fastest response.

To learn more about our Support Structure, including response, escalation, and resolution timeframes, click here.

No matter how or when you need support, we’ve got you covered!

Additional Resources:

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