Celebrating the Holidays with Visual Matrix: A Special Edition 

December 18, 2023

As we wrap up the year, we’re thrilled to share some holiday cheer with our incredible Visual Matrix family! We’ve asked our team members to gather some thoughts, memories, and festive moments to share for the holiday spirit. 

End-of-Year Reflections 

Our team took a moment to reflect on the passing year, sharing insights, challenges, and moments of triumph. From operational wins to personal growth, it’s been a year of resilience and accomplishment. 

“Hoteliers need innovative products and features to evolve as the world changes.  Visual Matrix has shown it can produce easily adaptable products, streamline hotel procedures and processes, and enhance the experience of the guests and employees.” Analena, Client Services- Client Experience Specialist 

I am happy to see our industry quickly bounce back after the challenges of the past two years from COVID-19.” Linda – Operations – Implementation Specialist

When I first started at Visual Matrix, I was very impressed with the software as I have worked on other PMS’ when I worked in the hotel industry, and this by far exceeds them all. During my time here, we have added more functions to our PMS and created impressive processes for our customers, and I look forward to what the future holds for Visual Matrix. Sherri, Onboarding Specialist 

Being relatively new to Visual Matrix and since joining it, I have been impressed with how much automation this organization has in place, along with the extensive ability from MOP to Visual Matrix PMS and its capabilities—the ability to integrate with several Property Management Systems as well as the ability to have standalone products. ” Tyler, Operation department, Director of Onboarding  

Impact of Visual Matrix

Discover how Visual Matrix has made a difference in our customers and team members’ daily operations and holiday experiences. Hear firsthand our tools’ power to create efficient and memorable guest interactions. 

Visual Matrix and MOP have features that can aid hoteliers in saving time and money while keeping employees and guests safe.  My favorite Visual Matrix products are the mobile app and MOP. The mobile app provides real-time numbers for managers on the go and can be accessed from their phones.  MOP has a panic button that contributes to a sense of security and peace of mind. Knowing that there is a quick and efficient way to call for help can boost confidence and create a safer environment.” Analena, Client Services- Client Experience Specialist 

“MOP can help “turn” rooms faster by alleviating a trip to the desk to update the room status. Also, by using the All Tasks screen, you can feel more connected with your team at the hotel and see how the day is progressing.” Linda – Operations – Implementation Specialist

Visual Matrix is not just a software company. We care so much about our customers and each other through and through. Working with everyone I do here, no matter the department is uplifting as we are all one team here to help each other and our customers across the board. Being a part of this fantastic VM team is an honor.” Sherri, Onboarding Specialist 

“Seeing MOP and Visual Matrix PMS overall and how customers interact and use our solutions have been eye-opening. There is so much information in their hands, and being able to deliver solutions to their hospitality needs for our customers has been (and continues to be) such a wonderful experience. ” Tyler, Operation department, Director of Onboarding  

Crazy, Funny, Sweet Holiday Stories

The holiday season is full of surprises! Dive into the heartwarming, humorous, and downright unforgettable tales our team and customers share. From unexpected mishaps to joyous celebrations, these stories capture the essence of the holiday spirit. 

“I was a night auditor at the last hotel where I worked. Christmas came around, and almost all the front desk staff called out. I ended up working the night shift and the 7 to 3 shift. The owner called me into the office and asked me to pick a number between 1 and 5. I picked 3. He went into the safe and counted out $3,000. Best Christmas gift ever!!!” Analena, Client Services- Client Experience Specialist 

“When it comes to our team, I have always enjoyed how we can come together and be a team and a family. By understanding people’s needs and desires to be around family and close friends regardless of the holiday during this time of the year, the team gets a little bit closer by simply volunteering to cover a shift because they do not participate in one holiday but in another. Simply stating that I will work this holiday for you, and you can perform this holiday for me, means a lot.” Linda, Operations – Implementation Specialist

My oldest son always puts the star on the tree after decorating it. This year, he said he wanted him and his youngest brother to do it together as our new tradition for Christmas. This warmed my heart to hear and see as he lifted his little brother in the air to put up the star for the very first time.” Sherri, Onboarding Specialist 

“Every year, our family does two things for the holiday spirit for our children. 

    1. The first is that our girls open a house door each day, and inside the wooden house, there will be candy, a note, or a small gift. 
    2. The second is that each night after our girls go to bed, my wife and I move our “Elf on the Shelf” to a different spot, and our girls wake up and look around to see where she is. Her name is “Candy Cane,” we tell them that Candy Cane reports to Santa Claus daily if they are good or bad. 

Overall, our children love and enjoy our daily activities for the Christmas Spirit, while we adults enjoy their reactions and make sure Candy Cane keeps them in line being on the “nice” list.” Tyler, Operation department, Director of Onboarding  

Join us in celebrating the holidays, whether Christmas, Hannukah, Diwali, or Kwanza, with warmth, laughter and a dash of Visual Matrix magic!

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