Maximize Your Property Management System with Everyday Reports

December 15, 2023

Running a successful hotel requires real-time insights and efficient management. Here’s a guide to essential daily reports from your property management system (PMS) that can significantly impact your operations.

Daily Revenue Reports

    1. Night Audit – Start your day by reviewing the night audit to ensure accurate accounting records and increase financial control. You can find how to run a night audit on our complete reports lists here
    2. Operator Transactions Monitor transactions to identify patterns and streamline operational processes for better efficiency.
    3. Room and Tax – Track room revenue and taxes to clearly understand your daily financial performance.
    4. Revenue Tax Summary – Get a summarized overview of taxes to aid in compliance and financial planning.
    5. Tax Exempt – Manage tax exemptions seamlessly to ensure compliance and a smooth guest experience.
    6. Credit Card Batch – Review credit card transactions in batches and simplify your reconciliation processes.
    7. Daily Report – Access a comprehensive report summarizing key daily metrics that provide valuable insights for decision-making.

Occupancy Forecast/Reports

    1. Management Occupancy Forecast Report – Plan accurate forecasts to optimize staff allocation and resource planning.
    2. Two-Week Forecast – Gain a forward-looking perspective on occupancy trends for effective long-term planning.
    3. Front Office – Utilize dynamic reports for arrivals, departures, in-house guests, charge verification, and credit limit management. You can find all Front Office-related reports on our complete reports list here.
    4. Downtime Reports – Minimize downtime by identifying and addressing operational inefficiencies promptly.

Guest Interaction/Guest Information

    1. Special Request – Anticipate and fulfill guest needs by staying informed about special requests.
    2. Guest-Texts – Enhance guest communication with insights into text interactions, ensuring a personalized experience.
    3. Demographics – Understand your guest demographic profile, allowing you to tailor services to specific preferences.
    4. Room Type Popularity – Optimize room inventory based on the popularity of different room types, maximizing revenue potential.

By leveraging these reports and incorporating them into your daily routines, you’ll unlock the full potential of your PMS, creating a seamless and efficient hotel management experience. 

Schedule a demo of the Visual Matrix PMS and see how you can take charge of your hotel’s success with these valuable insights!

For a handy list of every report in our PMS, click here.

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