Unlock Efficiency and Enhance Guest Satisfaction with MOP Tasks

April 24, 2024

In the fast-paced hospitality industry, ensuring smooth operations and guest satisfaction is paramount. With the Visual Matrix Mobile Operating Platform (MOP), managing housekeeping and maintenance tasks becomes a breeze, empowering hoteliers to streamline processes and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

Understanding Tasks in MOP

MOP encompasses a wide range of housekeeping and maintenance activities aimed at preparing rooms pre-guest arrival and maintaining facilities post-guest stays. From routine cleaning to preventive maintenance, MOP offers versatile task management capabilities tailored to the unique needs of each hotel.

Recurring Tasks vs. Preventative Maintenance Tasks

MOP distinguishes between recurring tasks and preventative maintenance tasks, allowing users to schedule and organize duties efficiently. Recurring tasks repeat on a specified schedule, while preventative maintenance tasks prevent equipment failures and ensure operational efficiency. All preventive maintenance tasks can be placed on a routine schedule.

Alert Tasks  

Alert tasks are distinguished from other tasks in that there are only 8 types of alerts to select from. These tasks are utilized and indicate a need for secondary action.  An example would be Smoking in the Room. The secondary action(s) may be to change out the linen and terry, use an air refreshing system and charge an additional fee for smoking in a non-smoking room 

Task Search

Efficiently manage tasks with the MOP search and reporting feature. Quickly locate and track tasks, facilitating seamless coordination and monitoring. Access task information, status updates, and completion reports with ease, ensuring accountability and timely execution.

Creating and Managing Tasks

MOP offers flexible options for task creation and management:

    • Multi-Task Creations: Assign multiple tasks to designated staff, streamlining workflow and maximizing productivity.
    • Individual Task Creations: Tailor tasks to specific requirements with detailed instructions and personalized assignments.

Time-Based Task Management

Schedule time-based tasks with MOP:

    • Recurring Tasks: Set up tasks to recur at specified intervals, ensuring regular upkeep and cleanliness.
    • Preventative Maintenance Tasks: Proactively address equipment maintenance based on specific days or rented days, minimizing downtime.

Unlock Efficiency, Elevate Guest Satisfaction

Leverage MOP’s robust task management features to optimize operations, enhance staff productivity, and elevate guest satisfaction. From routine cleaning to preventive maintenance, MOP empowers hoteliers to deliver seamless experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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