How The Visual Matrix MOP Panic Button Feature Can Keep Your Hotel Compliant and Secure

April 24, 2024

In the wake of increased emphasis on staff safety and compliance with safety ordinances in cities such as Los Angeles, California, hotels are turning to innovative solutions to enhance security measures. One such solution gaining traction is the Visual Matrix, Mobile Operating Platform’s (MOP) Panic Button feature. This feature offers a simple yet effective way to ensure staff safety with just the push of a button.

The Panic Button feature integrated into the Visual Matrix Mobile housekeeping and maintenance app provides hotel staff with a direct line to emergency assistance in case of threatening situations or emergencies. With just a simple push, staff can summon help quickly and discreetly, allowing for a swift response to potential risks or hazards.

To learn more about how the Panic Button feature works, check out our informative video here.

Following the implementation of one of these city ordinances, was in Los Angeles County, ensuring compliance with safety regulations has become increasingly important for hoteliers. Even if your area has not yet adopted such ordinances, it’s essential to prioritize staff safety and take proactive measures to protect your team.

In addition to implementing the Panic Button feature, hotels can further enhance staff safety by investing in safety programs,  such as course held by Best Alliance. These courses provide valuable training on how to handle various emergency situations and mitigate risks effectively, include specifically Human Trafficking. 

At Visual Matrix, safety is paramount, and we walk the talk. Our Marketing Chief Officer, Kristin Herring, and Vice President of Service Excellence and AI Strategy, Lauren Crockett, recently participated in Best Alliance courses.

Kristin Herring, Director of Operations, emphasizes, “Our team is dedicated to staff safety, and these courses have been instrumental in achieving that. They’ve equipped our staff with the confidence and skills to handle emergencies effectively.”

Lauren Crockett adds, “Investing in safety training not only boosts staff safety but also fosters a positive work environment. Our team feels supported and empowered, knowing their safety is our top priority.”

To take the next step in enhancing staff safety at your hotel, explore the Visual Matrix Panic Button. Contact us today to learn more and ensure your staff are well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise or schedule a quick demo with us!

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