Women’s Hospitality Innovation Council Survey Seeks Feedback: We’re All Ears

May 29, 2024

The Women’s Innovation Council, Powered by Visual Matrix, Is Soliciting Survey Feedback to Improve Future Meetings and Continued Industry Outreach

Richardson, Texas, May 29, 2024 – The Women’s Innovation Council, a working group of industry leaders and experts throughout the hospitality industry, is seeking feedback from hoteliers and hospitality technologists to improve future meetings and initiatives set by its members.

Those willing to share their perspectives are encouraged to complete the organization’s brief survey to help WIC leaders understand hoteliers’ current views on collaboration, technology adoption, and innovation across the industry.

To take part in the brief seven-question survey, please VISIT HERE. Feedback will be used to help shape the direction of the WIC as we gather information for a published study on technology trends and solutions that will help push innovation to the forefront. All responses are completely anonymous and confidential.

Powered by Visual Matrix, the leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the hospitality industry, the Women’s Innovation Council was formed in 2023 to help hotels identify and overcome the most stubborn challenges, particularly the need to improve collaboration across tech disciplines and between technology providers, hotel owners and managers. The group includes executives from hotel companies, technology developers, AHLA’s ForWard women’s initiative members, and more.

To view a video on the most recent Women’s Innovation Council meeting, VISIT HERE.

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