Visual Matrix Receives AHLA Tech Acceleration Award for Innovation in Hospitality Technology

July 21, 2023

We’re thrilled to have received the first annual AHLA Tech Acceleration Award at The Hospitality Show. The award recognizes our contributions to the development of the innovative HTNG Express Standard that accelerates PMS integrations from months to under a week. 

“Visual Matrix is an honorable winner of the first AHLA Tech Acceleration Award,” said AHLA CTO Michael Blake. “This year’s award specifically recognizes the implementation of HTNG Express, which Visual Matrix served as a key player in developing the specification with the group for over two years.”

Visual Matrix was one of several industry tech leaders who worked together on the innovation. It’s a testament to what collaboration can accomplish for the hospitality industry as a whole. The award also represents our team’s commitment to revolutionizing hotel operations and enhancing the guest experience. 

“We were the first property management system (PMS) to implement the HTNG Express Standard. We were also happy to have helped other companies adopt the spec and be their ‘implementation buddy’ as the workgroup called it,” Jason Hughes, VM Chief Technology Officer, said. “We have several live integrations with partners using the spec, which has enabled our PMS customers to have access to new features they didn’t have before, like mobile tipping with TipQwik.”

Thank you to AHLA for the honor, and congratulations to all the winners this year. We look forward to what else we can achieve through collaboration!

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