Unlock savings and revenue next year with these timely PMS reports.

December 8, 2023

As we close in on the end of 2023, it’s the perfect time for hoteliers to leverage property management system (PMS) reports for insights on improving and enhancing their operational efficiency in the new year.

This article makes it easy to explore key year-end reports in the Visual Matrix PMS and maximize opportunities in 2024. For more information on any report in this article, click the report’s name, and you’ll be taken to a how-to article in our Knowledge Base.

Let’s start with these three types of reports

1.) Housekeeping Reports


    • Supply Usage Analysis – This report provides valuable insights into housekeeping inventory management. Understanding supply consumption patterns helps streamline purchasing processes, reduce costs, and ensure you have the items for guest satisfaction.
    • Services History – With this report, you can track the services offered in your hotel over time. It will help you evaluate the popularity of specific services, enabling you to optimize offerings based on guest preferences and increase revenue.

Want to increase your housekeeping and maintenance efficiency almost immediately? Schedule a MOP demo! The Visual Matrix Mobile Housekeeping and Maintenance (MOP) tool will help you clean up the benefits of streamlined communication, enhanced task management, and improved efficiency. Reports from hoteliers using MOP say it all.

Now, let’s look at some vital maintenance and front desk reports hoteliers should review this time of year.

2.) Maintenance Reports


    • Work Order Analysis – Evaluate the effectiveness of your maintenance operations with this report. See your work orders and completion times throughout the year and identify trends to ensure a well-maintained property.
    • Preventative Maintenance Analysis – Proactive maintenance is crucial in preventing issues. This report helps you assess the success of your preventive maintenance program, ensuring your property remains in optimal condition.

3.) Front Desk Reports


    • Occupancy Forecast – Stay ahead with accurate forecasts of occupancy trends. This report helps you with strategic decision-making, allowing you to adjust staffing levels and marketing efforts based on predicted occupancy.
    • Advance Sellout – You can maximize revenue by analyzing advanced sellout data. Understanding booking patterns lets you optimize your pricing strategies and capitalize on high-demand periods.
    • Rate Override – With this report, you can evaluate instances of rate overrides to ensure pricing integrity. It can help you control pricing strategies and identify areas for improvement.
    • Market Segment – This report categorizes guest stays based on market segments, providing valuable insights into your customer base and helping tailor marketing strategies to specific demographics.
    • Referral Code – Track the effectiveness of referral codes with this report and measure the success of referral programs by understanding the impact of different referral sources on your bookings.
    • Reason for Stay – With this report, you can understand the purpose behind guest stays, which enables you to tailor services and amenities to meet the diverse needs of your guests and enhance their overall experience.
    • Discount Code – This report helps you evaluate the performance of discount codes and promotional campaigns, providing essential data for refining pricing strategies and optimizing future discount offerings.
    • Revenue Summary – Use this comprehensive report to get a snapshot of your hotel’s revenue, including room and ancillary income. It serves as a critical tool for financial analysis and strategic decision-making.

These valuable reports and many others readily available within the Visual Matrix PMS can make a big difference to your success next year and beyond. If you’re interested in streamlining your operations, enhancing your guest satisfaction, and setting the stage for a successful 2024, look at these reports today. They can help you start the new year with a bang.

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